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Journals to TB Grand Prix

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You’re driving your racing car against the clock but at regular intervals you are stopped by an obstruction in the road. To continue driving, you have to correctly identify the double entry for a journal transaction. If you get it wrong, your car is sent to the pit stop, where you will have further chances to answer the question correctly (3 incorrect answers and the game’s over). There are 15 journal transactions to solve - see the general ledger T-accounts building up after each transaction. The final section of the game involves transferring all the general ledger balances to the Trial Balance – will your Trial Balance balance?An ability to deal with journal entries is recognised as the key element in understanding double entry bookkeeping. This game will really help you in identifying which accounting items are debits and which are credits in the General (nominal) Ledger and the Trial Balance.
Accountancy Learning has been delivering training for the AAT qualification for over 20 years and has a long track record of developing interactive learning materials and games to supplement the more traditional learning from study manuals. We currently offer distance/on-line learning courses for AAT levels 2, 3 & 4, Sage Computerised Accounting and general Bookkeeping. We also offer ACCA, CIMA and ATT for those wishing to progress. As well as traditional study manuals we provide a mass of additional learning materials and guidance on-line on our Moodle VLE.
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